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Review of Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets

In the second fantasy book, author J.K. Rowling once again hit the boundary. Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets is another outstanding creation of her. The writing of this book is even better than the previous one. There is no doubt about its popularity. The way Rowling opened another world in front of us is really praiseworthy.

In this book, Harry starts his second year in the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with his best friends Ron and Hermione and his enemy Dracco. When the house-elf Dobby warns him about the plot in the school Harry ignores him. To stop Harry from going back to school Dobby takes several attempts but he has failed.

Meanwhile mysterious series of messages have been written on the school corridor wall saying, the chamber of the secret has been reopened and the hair of Slytherin will kill all the muggle-born. After the threat, several attacks have been going on to the muggle-born. But they have not been killed. They have been petrified.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione learn about the chamber of secrets from their ghost professor and they find that the chamber is home to a monster. They want to know more about the chamber. So they make polyjuice potion to trick Dracco for information.

In the meantime, Harry hears voices inside the school wall in the office of professor Lockhart. He finds the power of talking with a snake which is the power of Slytherin. For this reason, some students think of him as the heir of Slytherin.

Suddenly, Harry finds a diary and identifies that Hagrid opened the chamber of secret before and expelled from the school. And for the current attacks, he has been sent to Azkaban. When Hermione has been petrified, Harry and Ron find nothing to work with. But they find a note on Hermione’s hand which leads them to the chamber of secrets and its monster- Basilisk snake. At last, Harry finds that Ginny, Ron’s younger sister, does all of these by the influence of Lord Voldemort through the diary. Harry kills the snake and stops Voldemort once again.

Once again J.K. Rowling welcomes us in the magical world of Harry Potter by her wonderful ideas. This book has many more twists than the first one. Though Rowling faced difficulty to finish the book, it was the best-selling book once again. From the 90’s kids to the present kids, everybody loves this book for its mesmerizing story, easy writing, and understandable plot. It will remain in the all-time favorite book list of Harry Potter loving people.

The second book of this series is equally good as the first one. In here, Voldemort found a new way to return but failed again. Harry had identified some of his gifted ability which is similar to Slytherin. All those attacks in the school created fear among the students and staff. But the ending is good. Harry, Ron, and Hermione stopped all those evil plots against them.

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